Scott Miller

Scott Miller learned worked under leadership legend Stephen Covey, author of the classic The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. But Scott has become a leader in his own right, writing 7 books, including his latest, The Ultimate Guide to Mentorship, while producing his popular podcast and columns. His insights are unconventional, funny, irreverent, and bold, including this: Not everyone should be a leader, and it’s a mistake to push them to do so.

In this fun, fast moving 30 minute conversation, Scott discusses what he learned from Stephen Covey, “a man who not only knew his strengths, but his weaknesses. He also underscored the difference between being efficient and being effective,” and the gist of his books Management Mess to Leadership Success and Everyone Deserves a Great Manager, and his latest hit, The Ultimate Guide to Mentorship.

“In great companies, it’s not a democracy,” he says. “The leader has to make the final decision. But she has to listen, too. This is 2023. People no longer want to work for the ‘smartest guy in the room.’ They want to be heard, they want to be part of something.

“Stephen Covey often said, ‘When you’re working with people, fast is slow, and slow is fast.’ Take the time to hear them out. That’s how you get buy-in.”

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