Episode Summary: Vic Strecher

Vic Strecher is a professor of public health at the University of Michigan, where he started Health Media in 1998, a pioneering, web-based, “digital health coach.” His life changed when his younger daughter, Julia, contracted chicken pox at one, and required two hear transplants. When she passed away at 19, Strecher did some serious soul-searching, and emerged with a new focus: Living on Purpose. He has explored the power of purposeful living in his books, and his new company, Kumanu. His take-aways include:

  1. This is not practice. Your life is happening now. You could die today. A sense of urgency helps.
  2. Become your own therapist, consider what you want and what you’re missing.
  3. What is your purpose? Who relies on you? What causes do you care about? Nietczche: if you know your ‘Why,’ you can handle any ‘How.’






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