Episode Summary: Bill Martin

Our guest today is Bill Martin, who has worn more leadership hats than most. After being told by a high school teacher that he “would never go anywhere,” Martin set out to prove him wrong, and did so, in spades! He started his business career while getting his MBA at Michigan with a $500 emergency student loan, and turned that into an $18,000 profit. First Martin Corporation, a property development and management company, is now second only to the University of Michigan itself as the biggest land-owner in Washtenaw County.

On the side, he also started Bank of Ann Arbor, which now has almost three dozen branches, and Casey’s Tavern, a popular spot a block from his office. Somehow, he also managed to lead the U-M athletic department for a decade, transforming its facilities, morale, and economic health, and serve as president of the U.S.O.C., turning around that organization, too. He’s done it all based on a few simple, if not easy, principles. Find out how on Let Them Lead.

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