Episode Summary

Steve Schram, Radio Leader

Our guest today is Steve Schram, the executive director and general manager of Michigan Radio, which has one million listeners each month. Steve has worked in radio since his sophomore year at Catholic Central high school, where he entertained his classmates during lunch. He performed as on-air personality, rose to program manager in Detroit commercial radio, and now runs Michigan Radio, the state’s largest NPR listenership.

On this week’s episode we discuss how the radio bug bit Steve while riding his paper route each day with a transistor radio taped to his handlebars, and how it was fostered by his school, his father, and an unlikely idol-turned-mentor, then talk about the leadership lessons he employed to rise through the ranks.

In next week’s Part 2 Steve will tell us about the principles he has followed to push Michigan Radio to the top of the state, and how they’ve stayed there, winning top station ten of the last 11 years.

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