Episode Summary

Anne Curzan

Anne Curzan, the granddaughter of legendary Michigan State University president John Hannah, attended Yale, where she participated in some-two dozen intramural sports. After earning her Ph.D. in English language and Literature at the University of Michigan, she served on the faculty for 17 years before becoming dean of the U-M College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) in September of 2019. In those roles she has learned a lot about the unfairly maligned Millennials and Generation Z, and is eager to defend their ambition, work ethic, and vision.

The take-aways from this podcast include: It’s all about people, not the technical subject – and today’s young people are mission-driven; when faced with a crisis like Covid: re-boot, re-imagine what you can be, and “recombobulate,” put it all together; good ideas come from everyone. Your job as a leader is to find them and elevate them. You can find more on her personal website: https://acurzan.english.lsa.umich.edu/

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